Can I Sell My House in Foreclosure in Dallas ?

Do you have a Dallas TX house that is in foreclosure  or pre foreclosure right at this very moment? Most people dealing with the TX foreclosure process just get rid of the  burdensome home and are curious if it’s even possible to sell their house in foreclosure. The short answer is: of course. The somewhat longer answer is: it can be a bit complicated, but typically you can sell your home before the foreclosure auction date hits, but the sooner you get started with the sell, the better for you.

If you are asking yourself can I sell my house in foreclosure in Dallas, the answer is yes. And you aren’t alone in asking that question; many Dallas area homeowners who are being threatened with foreclosure understandably just want to sell their house as quickly as possible and move on. In general, the sooner you make the decision to sell your home, the easier the process is.

So Can I Really Sell My House in Foreclosure in Dallas ? And How does it work?

Foreclosure has affected thousands of Dallas homeowners over the last few years and many banks have changed the way they deal with foreclosed homes, partly because of a shifting economy.

Many homeowners forget that the bank actually wants you to avoid foreclosure and sell your home. It’s a more cost effective solution for them rather than having to go through the cost of repossessing it from you, and losing money while doing so. We have worked with Dallas area banks and lenders for many years and have learned a few tricks to avoid foreclosure, which of course can be a big hassle for the homeowner as well as the bank.

Working With Your Bank During The Foreclosure Process

Communicating regularly with your bank is important, and providing them progress reports on steps you are taking to sell your home is also advised. Call and tell them if you are going to be late with a payment or anything else. Being willing to acknowledge your situation and take whatever steps you can to fix the problem will go a long way in showing your bank you take the situation seriously. Make sure important transactions or decisions are in writing and keep detailed records of phone calls, conversations, who you spoke to and what was agreed upon.

You may be able to slow down the foreclosure proceedings, depending on your personal financial situation and you may find that you have other options to avoid being foreclosed on, such as modifying your loan, declaring bankruptcy or doing a short sale. Remember – your bank wants to help you and may have additional solutions you hadn’t thought of. But don’t wait to do all of this; it’s important to make a start as soon as you know your situation. You will have fewer potential options the further behind you are with your payments.

If you are in a difficult situation and your bank is threatening foreclosure, we can help as we have helped thousands of other Dallas area homeowners in similar situations. You may be able to walk away from your home with some cash, as there are sometimes scenarios in which we can lower the amount you owe in your home by negotiating with the bank.

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